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[community profile] daily_prompt Prompt #533: "Dynamic"

"Tyler who, Brittany?!"


"L-m-a-o, he's a random."

The last locker door slammed shut as the girls trickled out of the locker room. So indulged in merry gossip were they that everyone failed to notice a lone figure hidden behind the side of the lockers.

Sam furtively peeked around the corner and made sure that the coast was clear before darting over to locker #118, the gym locker of one Paulina Perfect. Almost violently, she jabbed her hand into her pocket and dug around for her lock pick, then paused. Great, just great. She had a combination lock. How could she possibly. . . .

Oh, ho, ho! Seriously? This was too easy. Let's see, "D" would be "4," so then "A" should be "1" and--a few more snigger-punctuated clicks later, and she was staring at a hot-pink shrine to her boyfriend's alter ego. She plopped her own tattered, black bag on the floor, tore open the zipper, and yanked out the blouse, not taking but half a second to toss the shirt in the locker with as little grace as possible.

Closing the door with more force than necessary, she stepped out into the hallway and prepared to face the rest of the day with full confidence.

And who could blame her? She had no way of knowing the forces she had just set into motion.
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[community profile] dailyprompt Prompt for 2011-12-18: "a beautiful yes"

Fangs bared, she channeled her anger at the popular crowd that had just invaded her sanctuary. Sam squeezed her recycled cardboard coffee cup, her glare so intense that she hardly noticed that the drink was beginning to leak. Just look over here, she thought. Look at me. Give me one reason, and you'll never know what hit you, Paulina. That flawless skin of yours will--

"Sam?" Startled and nearly tossing her coffee, she and looked up and met his eyes, those luminous, blue eyes. She felt her stomach tighten with an unfamiliar feeling. Curiously, although she could not identify it, she knew the feeling was very much unwelcome. Sam averted her gaze. Not waiting for an invitation, Danny pulled out a chair and reclined, his innocently concerned stare boring holes into her skull. "You alright? We were coming to pick you up from the community center, but you ran past us like a bat outta hell."

She shifted uncomfortably, and he placed his hand over hers, slightly blushing as he did so. "It's, it's nothing. I just. . . Really needed my caffeine fix! Man, making a difference sure does take a lot out of you!" she enthused, taking a huge sip of her piping-hot coffee. Almost immediately, her cheeks puckered and her widened eyes steamed. Quickly, she gulped the burning liquid down and shot Danny a weak grin. "I am totally awake now."

He laughed. "Cool. In that case, do you want to get out of here? Tucker's waiting for us at the arcade."

"That would be one big, beautiful yes," she said, standing and linking her arm with his.
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[community profile] daily_prompt Prompt #531: "Rowdy"

Desperately, she rounded on Sam. "How did you even get that? You stole it, didn't you!"

"No, I saw it spilling out of your bag and I--"

"Liar! It was, like, gently folded deep inside my bag, and I would never leave my bag unzipped around creeps like you. Ever. You had to have broken into my house--that's a felony! Or you got your undead minions to get it for you or something. That's, like, probably even more illegal, right?" Paulina said.

"No, I--"

"How exactly did you come by the blouse, Miss Manson?" Paulina's mother intoned.

"Er, that is. . ."

She shook the scenario from her head. That, Sam, is a very good question. If she told anyone about Paulina's doings, then she would have to explain that she skipped a mandatory assembly, disobeyed and lied to a teacher, broke into a classroom, invaded the privacy of her classmates, and even stole from one. Yeah, that would go over well. On the other hand, if Paulina really was involved in something unsavory, then it would not be very difficult to catch her in something again. She just had to be a little more vigilant, maybe tail the popular wh--er, girl--for a while, find some irrefutable but honestly obtained evidence, and bam--everything would be over for little miss perfect.

Sam leaned back in her chair, feet pumping against the edge of her desk, and indulged in a rather villainesque cackle. Yes, all would. . . . she thought, and crashed to the floor with an OOMPH.

"Sammikins? Are you alright sweety? I know how terribly you wanted to go to that dance. . . ."

"I'M FINE, MOTHER," she said, and picked herself up from the floor, victory somewhat tainted.


Adolescents crowded the floor, sweaty from dancing and half drunk on excitement and alcohol. Suddenly, the queen of the ball sneezed, and her date balked. "Gesundheit," said her satellite.

"Heh, someone's talking smack about you, Polly." Glaring at Kwan, Paulina snarled a rebuttal that was drowned out by the rowdy throng, dragging Dash behind her.

Left alone, Kwan smiled at the satellite and said, "It's just you and me now, huh."

Ever so faintly, Star returned the smile.

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[community profile] daily_prompt Prompt #430: The Chosen

Every college acceptance letter shoved in my mailbox bore some generic congratulations: ". . . You are among the select few. . ." ". . . accomplishments merit acceptance into our family" ". . . we CHOOSE YOU to join our class of 2014. . ."

Dear Colleges:

Who the fish do you think I am, Pikachu? You picked me? Oh, no, no, no, no-No. I chose you. What right has a school--an establishment contingent upon student attendance--to mandate who is and who is not worthy? I sent my repertoire to you. I knew that you would accept me, and then I would chose from you.

Colleges were established to educate those individuals interested in higher learning, not to discriminate between who deserves your mascot on his or her résumé.  How dare you the audacity of assuming that I serve you, you who walks crippled without my tuition and alumna donations?

Some of you hide behind the excuse of research to fuel your elitism--and all the more woe to those who do not. For what good are you if my professor doesn't even have the intention of earning his doctorate?

And don't deny it: some of you set your tuition and fees according to the rank and reach of your prestige. So now even America allows birth circumstances to dictate who steps foot in the future ruling class?

Higher education, straighten your priorities. Students don't exist to inflate your grandeur, you exist to make your students shine.
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CHP 1 ) CHP 2 )

{to be continued}
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I can do better than that, but it'll have to be worth the expense.


Oh, nothing that requires digging too deep in your pockets.

How much are we talking here?

5000 quid.

I. . . I see.


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