Dec. 19th, 2011

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[community profile] daily_prompt Prompt #533: "Dynamic"

"Tyler who, Brittany?!"


"L-m-a-o, he's a random."

The last locker door slammed shut as the girls trickled out of the locker room. So indulged in merry gossip were they that everyone failed to notice a lone figure hidden behind the side of the lockers.

Sam furtively peeked around the corner and made sure that the coast was clear before darting over to locker #118, the gym locker of one Paulina Perfect. Almost violently, she jabbed her hand into her pocket and dug around for her lock pick, then paused. Great, just great. She had a combination lock. How could she possibly. . . .

Oh, ho, ho! Seriously? This was too easy. Let's see, "D" would be "4," so then "A" should be "1" and--a few more snigger-punctuated clicks later, and she was staring at a hot-pink shrine to her boyfriend's alter ego. She plopped her own tattered, black bag on the floor, tore open the zipper, and yanked out the blouse, not taking but half a second to toss the shirt in the locker with as little grace as possible.

Closing the door with more force than necessary, she stepped out into the hallway and prepared to face the rest of the day with full confidence.

And who could blame her? She had no way of knowing the forces she had just set into motion.


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