murdrum_doyle: (life)
shipwrecksinyourhead ([personal profile] murdrum_doyle) wrote2013-09-04 10:53 pm

I Dreamt I Was a Robot

Sometimes I wonder if I even have feelings, but then I feel so wretched that I figure I must. I don't know if it's dichotomous or an outright contradiction: I loathe human contact, but I feel empty without it.

Maybe it's just an utter lack of validation. Do I exist, or don't I? When I'm forgotten, I'm no longer certain if I'm a real human girl. Maybe the reason no one sees me is because I was never here in the first place.

And then one thing will happen to prove my corporeal existence and I feel that I'm sitting atop the world.

It always precludes a fall, and it's the landing that is just as much of a shock every time.

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