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[community profile] daily_prompt Prompt #430: The Chosen

Every college acceptance letter shoved in my mailbox bore some generic congratulations: ". . . You are among the select few. . ." ". . . accomplishments merit acceptance into our family" ". . . we CHOOSE YOU to join our class of 2014. . ."

Dear Colleges:

Who the fish do you think I am, Pikachu? You picked me? Oh, no, no, no, no-No. I chose you. What right has a school--an establishment contingent upon student attendance--to mandate who is and who is not worthy? I sent my repertoire to you. I knew that you would accept me, and then I would chose from you.

Colleges were established to educate those individuals interested in higher learning, not to discriminate between who deserves your mascot on his or her résumé.  How dare you the audacity of assuming that I serve you, you who walks crippled without my tuition and alumna donations?

Some of you hide behind the excuse of research to fuel your elitism--and all the more woe to those who do not. For what good are you if my professor doesn't even have the intention of earning his doctorate?

And don't deny it: some of you set your tuition and fees according to the rank and reach of your prestige. So now even America allows birth circumstances to dictate who steps foot in the future ruling class?

Higher education, straighten your priorities. Students don't exist to inflate your grandeur, you exist to make your students shine.
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For the past year and a half, I have prided myself on my apathy. Well, in most aspects. Generally, I was just too apathetic to be proud. But when it came to teen "romance," I was an impenetrable wall. I would laugh to myself when my peers discussed the latest shocking breakups and sexcapades. It was so nice to be exempt from the drama.

Oh, bother. I might as well come out and admit it:

I have a crush.

OK? Got it?

I have a big monster crush on someone, and I have no idea why.

I don't think that he is good looking. I do not think that he has what I would consider an ideal bod. Lately, I have discovered that he's not even as smart as he sells himself to be. From my perspective, he has not one good quality (it does not end at what I've just listed).

I've managed to stop hating him, so why am I so attracted to him now?

Perhaps it's just the absence of the burning hatred that I only felt for him--my body cannot adjust to the lack of passion, so it adapts by filling the hole with dreaded attraction.

Just throwing things out there.

Who would have thought that I would become a teen drama llama?


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