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[community profile] harry100 Prompt #138: An Ending and a Beginning

Severus thought that he must have lived through one crisis too many, because this scene was all too familiar for him to find comfortable. A glass of Ogden's rested in his palm, his feet upon a dingy footrest, and the dying embers of a fire sparked in the hearth. In his eyes were the reflection of the red whiskey bottle, that same red he remembered dancing in her hair.

Tonight he should have been free of her. But he was no fool--

She had died from him years before.
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I wonder why my parents get angry when I cry. Why can't they simply sympathize with me, or, at the least, leave me alone? Why do they have to yell at me and tell me I'm being stupid? Honestly, it's not like I cry all that often. I think that the last time that I seriously broke down into tears was in ninth grade--and I was the only one in the room.

Well, I'm sorry I'm upset that I don't get to have the adolescent period you had. Just because it's over for you obviously means that it's not worth anyone having it. Forgive me for my momentary lapse in judgment. I must be mentally ill, as you so considerately warned. I'll just forget about the situation and become a bag lady one day. Man, I'll have it made! Those single, male hobos better watch out, because there's some hot stuff coming for them!


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