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shipwrecksinyourhead ([personal profile] murdrum_doyle) wrote2011-12-18 09:31 pm

salt on the wound

[community profile] dailyprompt Prompt for 2011-12-18: "a beautiful yes"

Fangs bared, she channeled her anger at the popular crowd that had just invaded her sanctuary. Sam squeezed her recycled cardboard coffee cup, her glare so intense that she hardly noticed that the drink was beginning to leak. Just look over here, she thought. Look at me. Give me one reason, and you'll never know what hit you, Paulina. That flawless skin of yours will--

"Sam?" Startled and nearly tossing her coffee, she and looked up and met his eyes, those luminous, blue eyes. She felt her stomach tighten with an unfamiliar feeling. Curiously, although she could not identify it, she knew the feeling was very much unwelcome. Sam averted her gaze. Not waiting for an invitation, Danny pulled out a chair and reclined, his innocently concerned stare boring holes into her skull. "You alright? We were coming to pick you up from the community center, but you ran past us like a bat outta hell."

She shifted uncomfortably, and he placed his hand over hers, slightly blushing as he did so. "It's, it's nothing. I just. . . Really needed my caffeine fix! Man, making a difference sure does take a lot out of you!" she enthused, taking a huge sip of her piping-hot coffee. Almost immediately, her cheeks puckered and her widened eyes steamed. Quickly, she gulped the burning liquid down and shot Danny a weak grin. "I am totally awake now."

He laughed. "Cool. In that case, do you want to get out of here? Tucker's waiting for us at the arcade."

"That would be one big, beautiful yes," she said, standing and linking her arm with his.

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