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shipwrecksinyourhead ([personal profile] murdrum_doyle) wrote2010-01-26 07:02 pm

So, I'm a 90 yr old man. . .

I hate my legs. I hate pants, skirts, and dresses. Most of all, I HATE KHAKI PANTS.

Uniforms. Why can't we wear jeans? I mean, we have a dress code with khaki pants, why not just have a jean dress code? Just as simple, easier to afford, and they actually fit.

I have a fat butt, fat thighs, and small waist. Pants are always huge at the waist, hence, I wear a belt, which makes the pants bunch up and make me appear to have man parts.

Plus, stupid blood clots (hereditary) make my legs all blue and freakish. . . . and to think, I'm only almost eighteen. Not ninety. When I'm in college this fall, all the girls will be wearing cute shorts and gym pants. . . I'll be in ugly "curvy" jeans.


What brings all this on? Just a "three hour," unsuccessful khaki hunt from which I only just returned.
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[personal profile] crystalpyramid 2010-01-29 12:05 am (UTC)(link)
I got a lot happier with my pants once I started using my sewing machine to take 3-4 inches out of the waist of every pair. Of course, you feel awful when you've just spent money buying pants new and then you immediately cut them up, but at least they fit.

On the plus side, your build is actually significantly healthier than it would be if your weight were distributed differently. Subcutaneous (thigh, butt, etc) fat isn't actually bad for you like stomach fat is.