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Let's Get Creative [Stream of Consciousness] : Chapter Time! 2

Guy reached forward and grabbed the speaker's arm. After a little tugging, a most inhuman face peered over the dock.

"Ah!" He let go of the arm in surprise. Pale green skin and pointed teeth. . . Guy shivered and turned away, trying to calm his nerves. "You're one of those androgynous vampire things, aren't you?"

The thing climbed over the pier, allowing Guy to see it in all of its freakishness. "Pardon, miss? What is a vampire?" It stood, standing face to face with Guy. He gulped. The thing was easily half a foot taller. Guy tensed.

"WHAT ARE YOU?" he shouted.

The thing smiled. "I am Ÿ•ßðæ‡øï, but you may refer to me as ßðæ‡!"

Brain dead, Guy could only stare. "But what are you?" he asked, a little more calmly. A frown was the only response he received. After a moment, the thing turned away and stroked its chin, humming.

Suddenly, its face was just a little too close to Guy. "I suppose you would call me a mermaid!"

Long flowing hair, check. Scantily clad body, check. Hot female body . . . not check. Pointy teeth and clawed fingers were not even on the list. Breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Disney lied. Breathe. Guy grinned, a little unsteadily. "O.K., well, nice meeting you." He turned to leave, intending to hightail out of there and away from the freak.

"WAIT!" On instinct, Guy paused. Slippery wet bear arms wrapped around him. "I require a friend! You have already shown me much kindness in your acceptance of my appearance, but I must ask of you one more thing!"

Guy sucked in a breath, bracing himself for whatever could possibly come next. "Allow me to reside with you!"

O.K., freak or not, the line was here. He attempted to peel away from the mermaid, but the scary strong arms prevented his endeavor. Guy glared, but the thing remained oblivious, so he went back to struggling. "I. . ." Twist. "Don't. . ." Jerk. "Think so!" With a final kick and turn, he was finally free. Maybe he had not lost it after all. . . Then he looked over at the freak. Oh, never mind. Despondent, it had released him, its arms now hanging long and loose by its knees. Guy was not moved. No, he did not care in the least.

[to be continued. . .]