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shipwrecksinyourhead ([personal profile] murdrum_doyle) wrote2010-04-17 01:01 pm

Let's Get Creative [Stream of Consciousness] : Chapter Time!

The signs are becoming more and more frequent. I do not know what the symbols on them represent, but I do know one thing it means.

It means humans are near.

I wonder what the humans are like--if, perhaps, they are more accepting. If they are not, then my journey has been in vain.

I do not know how long I have been drifting. I do not know know how long it has been since my father. . .

There is a lot I do not know.

I see land.

Guy flicked his cigarette into the ocean, staring distantly at the horizon. Money had not been coming in like it should, and there was that stupid retirement party for Aunt Murial today. It all weighed more heavily on Guy's mind that it would have once upon a time.

He would never admit it, but lately he had begun to feel like.  . . a failure. Just like his father had always told him he would be. A failure. A nothing. A nobody.

What use is a private detective that cannot solve even a small-town murder case? To think that he had been reduced to mooning at the ocean waves day on day made his stomach churn.

A splash of water jerked Guy out of his reverie. He sputtered, "The he----!" The sudden sight of an arm reaching over the side of the pier made him trail off in surprise. The arm was followed by another limb, and then by green. . . hair? Guy stood and stepped closer to the climbing body.

He raised an eyebrow behind his tinted glasses. "Need some help there, buddy?"

"That would be most gratefully received," a voice coughed out.

{to be continued}

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